Online-Shop Real-time Inventory Alert System


How to Track and Manage Online Shops Inventory Effectively

Paper filing and Excel spreadsheets are not the solutions. So is any accounting software, as there is no benefit and capability to manage the real-time inventory for all your online shops.

Successful online businesses implement ORIA(Online-Shop Real-time Inventory Alert) system to track and manage the movements of their products by the second!

There is no chance for any oversight, that could leave your business with insufficient stock of one product and or excessive of another.

Insufficient stock leads to overselling, which leads to penalty imposed by most online shops/portals, and your customers lost their confidence on you.

No more postponing of orders due to insufficient stock, and, no more losing customers. No more holding up of stocks due to over-supply, and lead to mounting warehouse cost.

Knowing the inventory of all your products at the click of a button, you will not only save unnecessary cost, but will also build you a pool of loyal customers.


Managing Multiple Online Shops is a Bliss With ORIA

One of the major causes of overselling is due to, not having a reliable tool in managing different online shops effectively. Or, not having a tool at all.

Customers find your product on Lazada, Zalora, 11st Street or through your website. Each of these sites is managed independently, but, the inventory is the same across the board.

When your products sell well on Lazada for example, other online shops/portals/your website will not receive real-time updates of the latest inventory level.

For example, Product A of yours sells well on Lazada, and the inventory level is zero. However, 11st Street, the other online portal of yours shows a total quantity of 1 piece of the same product, when there is none.

It is not possible to track your sales and inventory manually when you have more than one online portal to manage, and sales happens round the clock in the online world.

When a few orders of Product A from different online portals occur simultaneously, it can mean a difference between in stock and out of stock before you realised.

ORIA is the solution for all those hassles, as it works on multiple online shops simultaneously. ORIA does the following:

  • It synchronizes and updates inventory balance from all your participating online shops/portals;
  • It provides a consolidated view of the total sales records from all online shops/portals;
  • It sends email notifications when your inventory is at low level;
  • It prevents product overselling



Figure 1: Say ‘No’ to manual update of inventory on Lazada, ORIA monitors and updates the balance automatically for you.



Figure 2: Say ‘No’ to manual update of inventory on Zalora, ORIA monitors and updates the balance automatically for you.



Figure 3: Say ‘No’ to manual update of inventory on 11th Street, ORIA monitors and updates the balance automatically for you.



Figure 4: ORIA supports Product SKU Repackaging. ORIA may track 11st Street Product Option.



How ORIA Works

ORIA is the solution that integrates all the different online shops into one portal that keeps track of every movement of your products. It provides an overview of your sales and inventory situations at a glance.

ORIA keeps track of all your products inventory on each online shop simultaneously. This means, when a customer buys your product on Lazada, your inventory numbers are automatically updated across all the other online shops, including your website. This prevents overselling.

ORIA extracts and consolidates all sales records from all your online shops.

ORIA sends immediate email notifications when your inventory is at low level.

ORIA supports Product SKU mapping, which allows you to manage re-packaging of products.

ORIA is an essential inventory synchronization and alert system for running online businesses. ORIA helps to eliminate overselling and over-ordering, and, streamlines your internal process workflow, which, ultimately help to boost sales.