It is developed to solve problems for companies with demonstration/rental units that are loaned out to potential clients regularly for a specific time frame.  This smart and intuitive software tracks  the location and statuses of these units while ensuring all components of units are accounted for. Think of it as an integrated library system that tracks everything loaned/rented out.

One significant feature is you can easily check (using your mobile) any loan unit’s current status anywhere you go. The software allows loan units to be booked online and the system also checks if bookings are conflicting while your admin personnel may also check if loan units are overdue. The software also generate and print Delivery Order Note automatically; as such the admin personnel’s workload and effort could be reduced significantly.

Use Cases:

Scenario 1:

Demo units are equipped with various supporting accessories. While care is taken to account for all these accessories, there are times when these accessories are not returned in original state or not returned at all due to human error.

Without a proper tracking system, these units are passed on from one potential client to another until a client complains of a faulty item. By then, it would be hard to pinpoint or trace the problem back to its source.


Scenario 2:

In large companies, demo sets are available for the use of their sales personnel. These sets are in and out of the office, loaned to various potential clients.

Without a system to handle these information, this can potentially result in human error that can result in the inability of tracking the units, resulting in delays and possible loss of income.

The LSMS gives your sales personnel the ability to check and track the unit on-site using their mobile phones or laptop. The system can also help all your sales personnel plan their day-to-day activities and management to be able to track company assets easily.


System Modules:
1. User Account Management

  • Admin Role and Sales Person Role; Only Admin may grant approval for Loan Set request

2. Customer Management

3. Loan Set Management – Create New Set, Modify, and Write-off

4. Loan Set Request Form

5. Loan Set Return Form

6. Loan Set Status Check

7. Reports

a. Request Form / Delivery Order

b. Return Form

c. Item Listing

d. Request + Return History

e. Request with Expired Date

f. Activities Report

  • By Customer
  • By Sales Person
  • By Month





Benefits in Operation Optimization

  • Operational Time saving:
    • Sales person may check Loan Set Status, plan & make reservation anytime, anywhere
    • Delivery Order is auto generated
    • No dependency on a single Admin personnel
  • Improve Loan Set Request Control, Monitor and Tracking process


Benefits in Security & Process Enhancement

  • Prevent forgery of Approval Signature
  • Prevent approval by Word-of-Mouth
  • Approval can only be done through the System, and;
  • Only the authorized personnel may approve the Loan Set Request
  • Only the authorized personnel may print the Delivery Order



  • Software priced in MYR – for MNC; strong currency advantage
  • One time investment; No Recurring Maintenance Fee



Sample screen shots: