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ORIA is the solution that integrates all the different online shops into one portal that keeps track of every movement of your products. It provides an overview of your sales and inventory situations at a glance. ORIA keeps track of all your products inventory on each online shop simultaneously. This means, when a customer buys your product on Lazada, your inventory numbers are automatically updated across all the other online shops, including your website. This prevents overselling.

ORIA extracts and consolidates all sales records from all your online shops. ORIA sends immediate email notifications when your inventory is at low level. ORIA supports Product SKU mapping, which allows you to manage re-packaging of products.

ORIA is an essential inventory synchronization and alert system for running online businesses. ORIA helps to eliminate overselling and over-ordering, and, streamlines your internal process workflow, which, ultimately help to boost sales.

RIZEET – RECEIPT & Bill KEEPER + Service Call

The RIZEET app utilises your smartphone’s camera to scan a copy of your receipt and uploads it immediately onto a cloud server. This way, your receipts will never go missing or fade, even if your phone goes missing!

This convenient app is your solution to easier filing of receipts and tax invoices as you can create folders like ‘Personal’, ‘Work’ and ‘Entertainment’ for efficient filing. When you need to file in your claims, all you need to do is to retrieve the scans of your receipts and print them out. It’s as simple as that.

This app is also is also conveniently available on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android. It is also accessible using your laptop, connected using a secure and personalised account so you can retrieve information stored on cloud servers immediately, wherever you are.


It is a Product Catalogue publishing software solution that makes it so easy for you to publish/prepare your product catalog and quotation with Excel spreadsheet. It serves the purpose for daily product catalogue and quotation preparation. For example, a typical tender project, it required 4-5 days of picking and photocopying of catalogue/product images; with our solution, it would reduce the effort to 1 day or even less.


It is developed to solve problems for companies with demonstration/rental units that are loaned out to potential clients regularly for a specific time frame. This smart and intuitive software tracks the location and statuses of these units while ensuring all components of units are accounted for. Think of it as an integrated library system that tracks everything loaned/rented out.

One significant feature is you can easily check (using your mobile) any loan unit’s current status anywhere you go. The software allows loan units to be booked online and the system also checks if bookings are conflicting while your admin personnel may also check if loan units are overdue. The software also generate and print Delivery Order Note automatically; as such the admin personnel’s workload and effort could be reduced significantly.