About Us



We’ve taken our commitment and our passion for product innovation and applied them to developing and implementing unique solution to solve various business challenges. Our VISION is “To Solve Your Business Problems Innovatively”.

With our MOTTO ‘Let’s Make the Difference’, we strive to identify things which, when made differently, improve the way of running or growing businesses, and most importantly upgrade people’s lives. We aim to deliver implementable and cost-effective innovative business solution. Disruptive and Breakthrough solutions are nontrivial, but we believe in miracle. Miracles do occur in this world, and we are miracle creator. Pronounce “7Gee” in Mandarin, it sounds MIRACLE.

While plunging into business back in 2002, started from home with a team of dynamic and independent freelance consultants. We set a MISSION “NOT about doing thing differently, it is about making the Difference”. We innovate and implement business solutions across a wide range of industries. Our commitment has served us well. Today, 7Gee has formed a few teams working in virtual offices from Malaysia, Australia, India and Egypt. We went with a virtual office because it costs less, it keeps people closer to home to be more productive and have more family time than travel and desk time. With our network of independent freelance consultants, we collaborate across virtual offices, tapping into different disciplines of expertise to implement innovative solution to our clients.

We adopted Holacracy’s organizational structure in our organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across clear roles, which can then be executed autonomously, without a micro-managing boss. The work is actually more structured than in a conventional company, just differently so. With Holacracy, there is a clear set of rules and processes for how a team breaks up its work, and defines its roles with clear responsibilities and expectations. 

We strongly believe Knowledge is the most important and valuable asset of our company and it’s a group of knowledgeable and efficient group of people, our consultants who keeps us moving. Thus we are having a state-of-art virtual dynamic office setup; rather than a conventional bricks and mortar office. Many renowned companies, who had offered impeccable services to their customers in the past, have failed to keep up with their standard with time; only due to the loss of efficient people in their companies. Without knowledgeable and efficient people in the companies, does the same company’s logo carries the same weight?