Put Your Ideas to Work

Put Your Ideas to Work



Whenever you have an excellent business idea or a concept, try the best to put that in use, to save your idea; unless it’s too late to rouse interest and self believe even in you.

Well it has been observed that most of the innovative ideas are nullified at the sprouting time due to critical review from peers and others. None of the experts can forecast the future of an idea with exact accuracy; they would cite their views are ‘the best’. But, if you feel you have an ‘excellent’ idea and have the self-believe to pull it off, take my advice and try to devise the most inexpensive yet innovative way to sell your idea to the investors.

To make your idea presentable, making a prototype ready is an effective idea. If you are an entrepreneur having an ‘innovative’ software product idea, to start with you can login at http://www.freelancer.com, post a sample project to hire a freelancer. This the cheapest and best way to make the prototyping compared to appointing a local freelancer or engaging another software firm to get it done for you.

Likewise, if you posses an idea on an electronic product, visual or graphical tools like Photoshop, Microsoft Visio or PowerPoint would come very handy. A picture or a pictorial representation speaks a lot of words in a spectacular fashion: small, vivid, condense and to the point. You can always find a student or a part time worker to do this for you—will cost you much less but you can see all your results summed up in a nice manner.

If you are eyeing for grants from research funding associations, my suggestion would be get a working prototype or a simulated version ready and never forget to preserve your bills. What they look for before offering out a grant is personal commitment and investment in the idea—kind of measuring your own belief in your own project.

Sharing an experience of my own: I had designed a new electronic device and had the PCB design done by a student. But, while I was trying to get a working prototype, the electronic manufacturer wanted to make us commit to a certain nos. of pieces because the cost per piece varies inversely with the quantity. Well, to start with it’s kind of difficult— with cost and time constraints even when the design is yet to be perfected. So, what I did, I appointed one graphic designer to have an animated video to ‘sell’ my unique idea to the investors.

First and foremost trait of an innovator is his ability to sell ideas. It’s not about what people want; it’s about offering them something new and making them feel that they miss that stuff ardently. It’s your passion to sell ambition, make the prospective buyers to dream and make them see the future.  In summary, you can conceptualize your vivacious ideas in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or a mere document in the following way:

(1.) To sell an idea on software product, start by making a working prototype screen to showcase your idea.

(2.) If you are eyeing to showcase an electronic equipment or device — pictorial representation or animated graphics may be your best tool to stand you out of the crowd.

These are some of the cost-effective yet presentable way to offer your concept amongst the prospective investors.