It’s the Execution that Matters

It’s the Execution that Matters



Execution of a potentially ‘good’ idea is all that matters, it hardly deals with your level of education, your expertise in the field and even your knowledge. If you have an ‘Outstanding’ business idea—show the world that you are one who can make the difference.

We know a lot of people who had been taking a lot of courses lately—be it ‘how to make a start-up success,’ ‘how to be an entrepreneur’, ‘How to be Millionaire’ and so on. But our suggestion is simple; enough of learning—just put your ideas (and perhaps knowledge too at a later stage) to work. All of knowledge grasping with zero execution implies failure even before your head-start.

Well, you may not be Bill Gates, dropping out of school and heading Microsoft—but often the first business idea that came to your mind is worth a million. Say for example, years back Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg— if not had written the basic codes and started ‘The Facebook” at Harvard during his stay there; he won’t have the multimillion dollars company that he have now.

So our suggestion, whenever you have a ‘la-Facebook’ Business idea, jot in down and share it with friends. If you really have a clear idea about what you want to do, you can simply construct a 160 characters sentence to describe your idea, and tweet (using twitter) it to your followers, asking them to share their opinions about your idea. They could not only provide you some useful inputs and feedback; but also you would be able to assess whether they are able to understand your views. But the most important part—you will be only sharing (in-fact knowing) WHAT is going to be done, but still it’s to be decided WHEN and HOW.

To answer ‘WHEN’ you have to ascertain your feasible, realistic time-frame required to prepare a business proposal putting your idea to effect and also ascertain the time needed to make a first working prototype. Regarding ‘HOW’, it’s your innovation and planning the ways you need to devise to make the prototype and implementation of the idea. (see ‘Put Your Idea to Work”)

Answering the HOW question is most crucial– it’s a continuous and recurring process; where you have to reassess your idea, judge the practicality of your ideas and your chance to excel. Before plunging into the market, you should carefully carry out market research; take a good look at the competitors, their technology, their way of doing things. It would be much easier then to use your ‘different’ and ‘unique’ idea to beat them on their own turf. It’s all about making the ‘difference.’ This is extremely crucial for your Start-Up to succeed and thrive competitively in the long run.

On this ‘different idea’ part, all your years of knowledge and courses would come into play, a superior application of the techniques and better execution would enable to answer your HOW and WHEN and to make yourself stand out of the crowd.

So, now it’s your take—go back to take up more courses OR take a step forward to make the ‘difference.’